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Web Design

Web Design has evolved over time, becoming of major importance in the context of a modern society, aiming to facilitate technological progress and processes that can improve in accordance with the resources available.

Web Design concepts can be controversial, yet comprehensive, stretching across a wide range of existing specialties that are constantly developing practical web design solutions for various business models and realities, which then form the basis for drafting prototypes for bringing diverse conceptual ideas to life.

Inevitably, people need to choose a specific plan to put into action. Every web project needs a skilled web designer who can model a finished product that meets the specific requirements necessary for the innovative success of a specific business or project.

Web Designer duties involve detailed assessment of the circumstances and theoretical conceptualization and drafting of the action plan, which then results in a model that describes in detail the end product, to be effectively executed later.

A web designer needs a vision developed on the customer’s environment and theoretical prereq website for turning ideas into finished products.

The web design process is divided into several categories, among which are the following:
- graphic design, which has gained undeniable value that involves making posters
- creative printing and graphic personalization of corporate achievement
- web design.

Authenticity in the web design process occupies the primary role of meeting the standards of uniqueness and originality of creation. Iimitations and fakes deviate from the principle of morality in this area and lead to disagreement between production stages, bringing material losses to producers and increasing production costs by favoring poor consumption of resources.

The web designer must be aware of the importance given to efficiency and be dedicated to keeping the balance between environmental and commercial considerations.

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Web Design Support

No matter how well it performs or is promoted online, every website continually needs new content updated with new and correct information. Otherwise, visitors will lose interest and will leave your website for the innovation and benfits of the competition.

Support web services include some or all of the following web services:
1. Updating or modifying web page content (text, images, multimedia); processing and optimizing multimedia content for the Internet
2. Updating the catalog online services, ecommerce websites, products, special offers
3. Periodic checking of website functionality (loading of pages, web features, links, contact forms, information requests, customer accounts, shopping cart)
4. Minor Changes (website design, application functionality) as needed
5. Setting up and managing email accounts, ftp accounts, visitor tracking
6. Administration of the database (website or web-based); Periodical back up to external support
7. Monitoring website traffic, indexing by search engines and keywords tracked, web page rankin, including various website sections; Generating regular statistics on the number of visits, specific visitors, web pages and keywords most searched on the web
8. Online technical support, by phone or at the client’s location (Olympia and suroundings); assistance in using Content Management Systems ( CMS).

Web Design FAQ :

By what methods can I aquire web technical support?
- Phone
- Skype
- email

Can I get free technical web support for website implementation web services?
Yes. Depending on the package chosen websites achieve a specified period of free technical web support.

What do you mean by web service implementation through web support?
If you have trouble using the use of the Website or the administration panel, you can ask for help (technical support).

Does support mean you change the web design?
No. After you have been taught the technical aspects of the website, web design support does not change the website design. Changing the web design requires additional cost.

Does support mean changing the structure of the website ?
No. After you have been taught the technical aspects of the website, design support does not change the website structure. Changing the web structure requires additional cost.

Do you provide website management service?
Yes, I have website management service.

Service website administration is granted on a contract basis?
Yes, website management service is allowed under service contract.

What is the maximum resolution ticket/technical support?
The maximum free web technical support is 5 days. For the paid support, it’s up to 2 days.

Web Design philosophy

The web philosophy is simple: the easier it is for a visitor to use a website, the easier it will be for him to go to the facts. And nobody knows this better than a web designer from West Olympia. Web Design By Valentine located in the beautiful West Olympia, believes the process of designing a website is a really important and the types of web design I propose are intuitive and easy to use to guarantee, achieving success in your business objectives. Here are a few principle for designing a user-friendly website:
1. Implementing Web 3.0 design that rises to the latest web standards
2. Quick, easy to use
3. Use of Javascript libraries and frameworks (jQuery, Prototype, MooTools, etc.)
4. Cream web navigation unit and practical web elements
5. Conversion goals ensured by providing web content tailored to user motivations, intentions and needs
6. Compatibility with all browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.
7. Implementation of latest W3C standards: XHTML 2.0 or HTML 5, CSS 3
8. Strong images methodically organized in a clear and attractive web layout
9. Inducement-defined graphics

The web design of your website reflects your company's image and influences the behavior of your customers. For you to be always one step ahead of the competition, I use all my passion and experience to analyze every detail to give you an advantage as to achieve a unique, exciting website that reflects accurately and reliabily the quality of services you offer.

In web development I use the best available technologies such as PHP, Javascript, MySQL, HTML5 + CSS3, to offer users the best web experience in a manner that will help them find the information they are interested in the soon as possible.

The difference that sets me above other competitors is that I will provide concrete results of fully completed web projects that offer you, the customer, web solutions in a timeframe established by an analysis specialist. This increases your company’s visibility and, thus, the number of potential customers for your products and services.

Also, I put great emphasis on communication and an open approach, so I develop relationships not only between my company and clients, but relationships that are primarily relations of friendship , relationships that develop between people.

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Web Design and Development

HTML5 CSS3 web design

WordPress website design

Drupal websites

Joomla web development

PHP Server-Side web Programming

Java Programming web Applets

Javascript Client-Side web Programming

jQuery web Programming

web graphics Adobe Photoshop

web art Adobe Illustrator

Search Engine Optimization

Online Marketing

ecommerce web design

Mobile web Strategy

What is the cost of a full website?
Olympia Free Web Design Quote

Consider the best price for your Website Design project.

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Why do you choose web
DESIGN Olympia?

- Professional web design concepts and ideas specific to your company
- Ecommerce website using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, for sale of any type of product
- Graphic design service for any kind of product
- Web programming for any web application or your unique company website app
- Logo design and visual identity for your company
- Web Support 24/7
- AdWords (campaign setting, monitoring and optimizing performance)
- Olympia Website marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) (as recommended by Google) for as high positioning in search engine rankings
- Mobile applications using IOS and Android
- Measurable results gained through effective strategy and vision
- Customized web design solutions for your specific target and budget
- A plan of action designed to overcome your competition
- Ongoing affordable web maintenance and low execution time

- Update the content of web pages (change text, add images, etc.)
- Update online ecommerce website (new products, new product images, order processing, price changes, etc.)
- Develop website functions (implementing new functionalities)
- Optimize loading speed
- Periodically check the website’s proper functioning
- Periodically update web scripts (monitoring scripts, php or javascript scripts , etc.)
- Manage personalized email accounts
- Monitor visitor statistics on your website
- Manage social networking accounts (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

I will provide these services under contracts that are negotiated monthly, depending on the size and complexity of the updated site I manage. There are no monthly contract fees.

Olympia Web Design means much more than mere decoration.

Any communication on the website must be clear, smooth, efficient, interesting, and compelling, must create a personal and emotional connection between those involved and especially must adapt to the needs of the audience. In this way I visually "talk" my websites to the users, combining beauty, functionality and aesthetics to fulfill the goals of more clients, more visibility, a more powerful brand, and success in your online business.

Whatever the problem, I am ready to help you with advice or interventions to remedy the situation quickly! Assistance is 100% free and available for you throughout the design, development and launch of your project.

If you already have a a website, I will offer various types of web maintenance and web support packages.

For each website I create I will offer: clarity in web design, intuitive web navigation, increased efficiency, easy interaction with visitors, fast loading web pages and compatibility with all major browsers.