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Why do you choose web
DESIGN Olympia?

- Professional web design concepts and ideas specific to your company
- Ecommerce website using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, for sale of any type of product
- Graphic design service for any kind of product
- Web programming for any web application or your unique company website app
- Logo design and visual identity for your company
- Web Support 24/7
- AdWords (campaign setting, monitoring and optimizing performance)
- Olympia Website marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) (as recommended by Google) for as high positioning in search engine rankings
- Mobile applications using IOS and Android
- Measurable results gained through effective strategy and vision
- Customized web design solutions for your specific target and budget
- A plan of action designed to overcome your competition
- Ongoing affordable web maintenance and low execution time

- Update the content of web pages (change text, add images, etc.)
- Update online ecommerce website (new products, new product images, order processing, price changes, etc.)
- Develop website functions (implementing new functionalities)
- Optimize loading speed
- Periodically check the website’s proper functioning
- Periodically update web scripts (monitoring scripts, php or javascript scripts , etc.)
- Manage personalized email accounts
- Monitor visitor statistics on your website
- Manage social networking accounts (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

I will provide these services under contracts that are negotiated monthly, depending on the size and complexity of the updated site I manage. There are no monthly contract fees.

Olympia Web Design means much more than mere decoration.

Any communication on the website must be clear, smooth, efficient, interesting, and compelling, must create a personal and emotional connection between those involved and especially must adapt to the needs of the audience. In this way I visually "talk" my websites to the users, combining beauty, functionality and aesthetics to fulfill the goals of more clients, more visibility, a more powerful brand, and success in your online business.

Whatever the problem, I am ready to help you with advice or interventions to remedy the situation quickly! Assistance is 100% free and available for you throughout the design, development and launch of your project.

If you already have a a website, I will offer various types of web maintenance and web support packages.

For each website I create I will offer: clarity in web design, intuitive web navigation, increased efficiency, easy interaction with visitors, fast loading web pages and compatibility with all major browsers.